26th September 2017

Updated Finishes

26th September 2017

We have now gone hexavalent chromium free at Moss Metal Finishing Ltd, with regulation changes it seemed like the best time to improve our way of working and given there are now viable alternatives available to historic hexavalent chromium products we have made the change to play our part in a safer way of working.

We are now offering the following finishes as replacements;


Zinc Plating and Yellow Trivalent Passivate (RoHS Compliant) has replaced the old Hexavalent Passivate – this new passivate still meets all standard zinc plating specifications and from recent tests we have undertaken should well exceed 150 hours to white rust in the NSS Salt Spray test to ISO 9227. The colour is still iridescent and most customers wouldn’t notice a difference in appearance from the hexavalent yellow passivate.


Iridite NCP and SurTec 650 both RoHS compliant have replaced Alochrom 1000 Clear conversion coating. Both these coatings are clear in appearance and meet spec MIL-DTL-5541 Type II class 3.


SurTec 650V (RoHS Compliant) has replaced Alochrom 1200 Gold Conversion coating, this finish has a blue colour to it to show a visible coating has been applied. This coating meets spec MIL-DTL-5541 Type II class 3.


We are happy to send out samples of these new finishes please let us know on the contact us page above.

This is another step forward for Moss Metal Finishing Ltd as we look to improve our finishes and offer our customers the highest quality finish and service they require.

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